The Challenge of Employability

Employability is about being ready for a suitable job for you, which would be a job not only to earn your living but also a job which could fulfil significant inner needs for your personal identity and development

What is employability?

Employability is the ability to find and maintain a suitable job (professional activity) which fulfills you, whether employed, freelance or entrepreneur. A suitable job, apart from earning a living, will offer you:

  • (a) Identity (what makes me special? what do I know, what are my skills?),
  • (b) Acknowledgement of your Worth (how valuable are my skills and attributes?)
  • (c) Creativity (what can I make out of my skills, my attributes, my ideas)
  • (d) Satisfaction and Quality of life (do I feel happy with my job? does my job offer me the possibility to create quality in my life, as I want it)

How ready are you to find the suitable job? How employable are we? AELIA wants to help you prepare for the suitable job. We can help you develop your employability.

How does AELIA approach employability?

In AELIA we believe that being employable means:

  1. Being fully aware of your potential and your limits,
  2. Being well informed about the sectors in which you want to work and understanding the requirements of the job you aim at;
  3. Having the skills required for the job you are interested in, being aware which these are
  4. Adapting your mindset to the conditions of your social, economic and professional environment.

What kind of support does AELIA offer for my employability?

AELIA helps you understand your current as well as your potential Employability. We guide you, mentor you and offer advice so that:

  • you become aware of which jobs are offered and which are suitable for us according to our personality, talents knowledge, skills and desires (dreams);
  • you become conscious and aware of which are our personal attributes and in which areas we may have particular inclination and strengths (talent);
  • you become aware of what we know and what we can (knowledge and skills);
  • you become aware of what we desire to work on and why;
  • you analyse our potential dream job and undertand why it is a dream job for us

About your “actual” and your “potential” employability – Developing your potential employability with AELIA

In AELIA we believe that each one of us has a “potential employability” and an “actual employability”. With our current skills, knowledge, mindset we are employable for specific jobs, but if we fully develop our potential, then we can reach a further level of Employability which can permit us to be suitable for jobs even more attractive to us  (our “dream jobs”). There are solid requirements in order to fully develop your potential employability and achieve the level of employability which will make apt for an attractive job, suitable for you. These requirements are:

  • Constant learning and personal development;
  • Constant information about the market and the jobs in the sectors that interest me so as to acquire a realistic overview of the market;
  • Developing the ability to learn (learning how to learn skill);
  • Break stereotypes and understand why such stereotypes were set in the first place;
  • opening up your mind to new ideas and adapting your mindset to the requirements of the jobs you are interested in.